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Annual Club and Archery GB/SACS/SCAA Memberships begin on 1st October each year. 

Senior Membership fees including Archery GB/ SCAA and SCAS     £106.00 per annum
Junior Membership fees including Archery GB/ SCAA and SCAS      £30.00 per annum

During the indoor season (October to March) additional fees are needed to pay for the hire of the hall.
These fees; paid weekly, are as follows:
Adult Members        £5.00        
Junior Members       £3.00    
Associate Members £5.00

During the outdoor season (April to September) additional fees are needed to pay for the use of the field.

Adult Members       £3.00
Junior Members      £2.00
AssociateMembers £3.00 


Members of other clubs are most welcome to shoot with us, the fees are as follows:

Outdoors     £4.00 Adults    £3.00 Juniors
Indoors        £6.00 Adults    £4.00 Juniors

Please note that space is limited indoors and we can not guarantee space for guests.  
Members from other clubs who intend to visit regularly (more than three times per season) are asked to consider requesting to join us as an associate member. Please ask for details. 

We are happy to consider offering membership to experienced archers and novice archers.

Experienced archers who wish to join Hellingly Archers by either transferring from a current Archery GB Club, or who are returning to archery after a break, can be considered for membership.

We will also consider membership for novice archers; who have completed a beginner course with an Archery GB affiliated club or provider, and archers for whom this would be their first club membership.

All applicants are asked to complete a new member assessment form.The information provided will enable us to decide how best to proceed with your application.

Step 1
All prospective members are asked to complete our new member assessment form (see below). Please download our new member assessment form, save and complete the form and send it to  

Sometimes a decision can be made to grant membership at this stage but usually, after considering the information provided, prospective members will continue to Step Two. 

Step 2
Prospective members will be invited to complete a practical assessment. A mutually convenient time will be
arranged for you to attend a club session where a coach or other experienced archer will carry out an assessment. We will consider whether you can  prepare your equipment and shoot safely and whether you have the required archery knowledge. 

Step 3
​Where an archer demonstrates appropriate knowledge and ability in all aspects of the practical assessment, membership may be offered.

Step 4
On occasion an archer may not demonstrate suitable proficiency or may have gaps in archery knowledge that mean it would not to be possible to offer membership. Where this is the case we will put together an provide an action plan tailored to individual needs. This action plan must be completed before membership can be granted. This may simply involve shadowing a club member for a session/s or  may require an additional coaching session.

On some occasions, where we consider that gaps in knowledge are too great,, we may recommend that you attend or repeat a Beginner or Returner course before we can consider offering membership.

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