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Hellingly Archers is predominantly a target archery club.  We are affiliated to Sussex archery, southern counties, and Archery GB.


On a weekly basis the club rotates through all the archery GB recognised rounds. 


A round will typically consist of shooting between 4 and 12 dozen arrows in 'ends' of 6 arrows (ends of 3 indoors).  Each round will incorporate different distances so can be tailored for archers of all ability. 

The club welcomes all bow types, except crossbows.  Typically these will be:


Recurve: this is the type of bow shot at the Olympics, It consists of a riser with detachable limbs, to the riser can be attached a sight, a long rod, stabilisers, weights, dampers, a clicker and so on.  These are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment!


Barebow:  Essentially this is a recurve without the sights, clicker, and stabilisers.  Some traditional bows will also fit into this category.


Compound:  This is a more modern bow type that incorporates rotating cams on the ends of the limbs, this enables the bow to have a 'let-off' such that the force on the string at full draw is very easy to hold.  This category also allows sights and other shooting aids, making it the most accurate of all the bow styles.


Longbow:  This traditional bow type approximates the bows shot during the Victorian renaissance of target archery, although a self yew bow of the type used in the Hundred years War would also be allowed.  To be classed as an English Longbow the bow must be made from wood, not narrow in the handle and have a limb section that has a depth/width ratio of at least 5:8.

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